Fullness of Christ Ministries (FoCM) is the vibrant spiritual home of members from the multicultural area of St Mary Cray in Orpington and was formed in 2010.  Now an established non-denominational church and registered charity (1137933), we meet at the Mountfield Community Centre, Sandway Road, BR5 3TU, every Sunday between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.  We have a creche/Sunday school for our younger members for the duration of the service.

The objective is primarily to equip and inspire the local community to live successful Christian lives through passionate praise, worship and relevant teachings. 

We encourage members to increase their involvement and influence within the local community through counselling, mentoring, donating and volunteering.  

We hold regular and vibrant Sunday worship in the local community hall so all members of the community feel they can enter a building that is well known for local social gatherings and wholly inclusive irrespective of social, economic or cultural status. 

Our faith inspires us to treat all with respect and dignity and that our gifts were not given for our own benefit but for the benefit of others and our time and skills are freely given.


  • Life - We value a Church that exudes a life-giving spirit through passionate Praise and a vibrant, positive and exciting atmosphere
  • Relevance - We value ministry that is socially significant, age relevant and adapting to the interests and needs of each specific group
  • Team - We value teamwork that promotes a shared purpose and is expressed by people of diverse social, economical and cultural status connected as the family of God
  • Wisdom - We value the pursuit of wisdom through the Word of God that directs us to a principle-focused, balanced and successful life

In the midst of turbulence, uncertainty and tumultuous situations we need to come to a person or to a place where we can be refreshed, renewed and restored. 

Christ is that person who does it all! 

No matter what challenges we are facing Christ is present within us to bring us through.